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It is always struggling for every aspirant to have good preparation for higher study. PIKDIGG helps students to smooth their paths towards higher education. It needs Proper knowledge and prepared documents for pursuing dream for study abroad. Neverthless, it’s tough to gain an admission and scholarship from a university. PIKDIGG provides Free Blogs regarding scholarship updates and preparation tips for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. so that students make their journey easily towards higher education.

Besides, academic documents and standardized tests, students need standard statement of purpose (SOP), research proposal, motivation letter, CV to get admission and scholarship into a university. Furthermore, statement of purpose, research proposal, motivation letter play a significant role to have a scholarship or admission. PIKDIGG provides statement of purpose (SOP), research proposal and CV writing and review services.

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“I took a research proposal writing service from this company. They provide me a standard one & fine customer service.”

rasel Ahmed

“Fine SOP writing service. Presentation and logic is extraordinary. Hope to write my research proposal by you. Thanks.”

Moure Dey

“Thanks PIKDIGG for helping me to prepare my research proposal for commonwealth scholarship. Your service is excellent. Go ahead.”

tanvir Islam