Emailing for Supervisor Management

Maximum students get scholarships in Thesis-based Master's or Ph.D. programs after managing a supervisor, but this is the most tedious task. Our support will benefit you in securing/approaching a supervisor in the right way through the emailing process.

Our SUPPORT Includes:

  • Selection of all potential supervisors from 3 Universities.
  • Selection of supervisors based on your research areas & profile.
  • Making of the perfect email template.
  • Writing the keyword-focused and convincing email.
  • Sending and replying emails to supervisors.
  • Completion Time: 30 Days.
  • Price: 7,500 BDT.

Documents needed to PROCEED:

  • The university and program name for which you need this support. 
  • Academic certificates and transcripts.
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE certificate.
  • GRE certificate (If have).
  • Journal/conference publications (If have).
  • Courses/trainings/other certificates (If have).

Please email the information/clear scan copies of the documents to [email protected] before you place the order.

Why Should You Take Our Service?

The reasons for choosing us are stated below for your kind consideration.

  • Login access: We will use your email account to send emails and reply to supervisors. You need only share the account details with us. So, you can see how we write the emails when we send emails and respond. This will help you write and send emails to supervisors appropriately for the next time.
  • Supervisor selection: Selecting an appropriate supervisor is the most crucial part of managing supervisors. At first, we will choose the supervisors based on your profile and research interests and email the lists to you before starting emailing. Thus, you will understand what type of supervisors we selected, which will help you choose suitable supervisors yourself.
  • Email copy/format: Writing a convincing email also plays an essential part in securing a supervisor. As you will have email access, you will be able to check our email formats. This will help you a lot in writing perfect emails to supervisors yourself.
  • Privacy Policy: We never share our customer’s profiles and information with anyone. Also, never disclose our user’s information to any third parties, but only store it in our database in case if you want more service from us in the future.
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