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Canada Study Permit Application Support

For higher study in Canada, the student visa is also called as a Study Permit. We help students to go through study permit application process and prepare all required documents for a successful student visa application. You will be able to save your time and worries by working with our expert and experienced visa counselors.

If you have received and accepted an offer of admission, our counselors will give you the following services.

  • Based on your offer of admission, guide you to manage your financial support.
  • Guide you on collecting all required visa application documents.
  • Provide you all required forms for preparing your documents.
  • Review all your documents before submitting the application.
  • Assist you in submitting your study permit application.
  • Support Charge: Basic: 15,000 Taka and Package: 30,000 Taka.

Our Package: If you want to take our full package for the study permit application, we will complete the full application on your behalf. We will prepare all your required documents like study plan, financial planning, explanation of the source of funding, financial affidavit, and complete your study permit application under our package support. So, contact us now to know which package is the best fit for you.